Family Of Four

You Belong

People come from all walks of life in Calgary and one thing we share in common is a desire for a place to belong. At Evangel we celebrate the beautiful diversity of our city and discover that it is a small world after all. A warm welcome awaits you here on Sundays at 11 am. Come and join the celebration, enjoy the dynamic music, the practical message and the new friends you will meet. We hope to see you soon! Click here for directions.

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Driving to my office in an April morning snowstorm, the music is playing and the traffic is moving. It is feeling like it’ll be a good day . . .  and that is about the time I noticed my back window was shattered and falling to pieces as I drove.   It doesn’t take much […]

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A New Beginning

Evangel is on an exciting new journey. Our community is being led by God to replant in the growing South East corner of Calgary. The vision of replanting in a new growing neighborhood and becoming part of it’s fabric, has been the inspiration for this move. We want to be that neighborhood church that children […]

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Dressing Up

“You look snazzy,” I said to a young boy as he arrived to church. He was often dressed in a costume and came in this day looking sharply dressed in a suit. “I’m a Man in Black,” he said. The briefcase and sun glasses should have been an easy clue. Pretending and role-play is a […]

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We moved! Please join us Sundays at GFLS Center.