Pastor Elias

Elias and Gwen have been married since 2003. They are proud parents of 3 children, Yeshua, Caleb and Elizabeth. Elias was called to the ministry at age 15 while attending Chingola High School in Zambia. Since then, he has served in various ministry capacities ranging from pastorates to Bible College instructor. He served as Principal of Grace Theological College in Zambia from 2004 to 2008 when he migrated to Canada. Elias holds a Bachelor of Arts in Bible/Theology, a Bachelor of Laws, a Master of Arts in Leadership and a Master of Divinity Degree from Ambrose University College. Elias’ passion is to see Christians live spiritually fulfilling lives. Elias is currently articling with a law firm in Calgary, working toward becoming a lawyer as well as Pastor. Besides ministry, Elias enjoys engaging with African history, political theology, and constitutional law. Elias is an ardent fan of the Canadian soccer team, the English Club Arsenal, and the Zambian national team.