Giving can be fun.

My hope for you is that giving to God’s work is a joy not a burden. We have all made mistakes with our money and you are not alone if your are feeling lost. It is possible for you to find financial freedom and if you would like some assistance I highly recommend taking our budgeting course as a first step.

Meanwhile, here are two online tools that I have found helpful.

As a first step toward at budget, the mint app is a great free resource by Intuit. Mint will help you track all your expenses and put them into budget categories. You can know your bottom line at any moment and get reminders when you are overspending in an area.
Secondly, a new Canadian app called Mylo is a great way to begin putting something aside for saving and giving. Mylo rounds up your regular expenses and puts aside that difference each month. The money Mylo sets apart is then put into a saving account or donated to your charity of choice. To give to Evangel using mylo, link your donations to Canada Helps and choose Evangel Christian Assembly.

– Pastor Bob

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