Future Plans

relocate Evangel is on an exciting new journey. Our community is being led by God to replant in the growing South East corner of Calgary. The vision of replanting in a new growing neighborhood and becoming part of it’s fabric, has been the inspiration for this move. We want to be that neighborhood church that kids can ride their bike to. This vision has guided us in our ministry in Forest Lawn this past 26 years. This vision is guiding us in the way we have designed our future facility.

We are a church for the world next door.

We have sensed God leading us even before we were first presented with an offer to purchase our building. Then in March of 2015 the sale to Hope Mission was finalized and our new chapter began. In July of 2016 we found 4 acres of land in a great location for future development at 8585 146 Ave SE.

Our God is full of surprises and he has made us sing with praise to see his hand at work. We have recently learned that a new development is planned adjacent to our property. In fall of 2017, Hopewell developers will be turning the sod on a 210 acre, 3,700 home development called Hotchkiss. God has been orchestrating all this and leading us in His unseen ways. When you step out in faith, you do not always get the whole picture. Holding His hand we are sure our steps are secure. We are in this together and you are welcome to join us in this journey. Together we are the hands and feet of Jesus to a world in need of the Good Shepherd.